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McCain Already Caught Lying For His VP

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From Think Progress 8/31/08:

McCain and Graham Repeat False Claim That Palin Opposed The ‘Bridge To Nowhere’

This morning on Fox News Sunday, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) cited Gov. Sarah Palin’s (R-AK) 2007 cancellation of the so-called “Bridge to Nowhere” as one reason he selected her as his running mate. McCain repeated the increasingly common right-wing myth that Palin opposed the $400 million dollar project. Host Chris Wallace did not challenge McCain’s characterization.

On ABC’s This Week, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) similarly argued that Palin is a reformer because she supposedly said, “I’m not going to build a Bridge to Nowhere.” This Week host George Stephanopoulos pointed out that Graham’s claim is false:

GRAHAM: To go in her state and say ‘I’m not going to build a bridge to nowhere’ — a $400 – $400 million appropriation that was passed by brute force in the Congress by two senior members of the congressional delegation, very powerful figures in Washington. And for her to say, ‘We’re not going to do this because its not necessary and its wasteful,’ to take on your own Republican party –

STEPHANOPOULOS: But Senator, she turned against that, only she campaigned for it in her 2006 race, and turned against it in 2007 only after it became a national joke.

Watch a compilation:

When she first introduced herself as McCain’s running mate, Palin also lied about her support for the project. But as Stephanopoulos notes,the claim made by McCain and Graham that Palin opposed the Bridge to Nowhere is patently false.

In reality, Palin strongly supported the bridge project. During her 2006 run for governor, the Anchorage Daily News interviewed Palin. At the time, federal funding for the bridge had been stripped by Congress. The paper asked if she was in favor of continuing state funding for the project. “Yes,” she responded, noting specifically her desire to renew congressional support:

Yes. I would like to see Alaska’s infrastructure projects built sooner rather than later. The window is now — while our congressional delegation is in a strong position to assist.

When Palin finally canceled the project in 2007, she expressed regret that Congress had not been more forthcoming with federal funding. Moreover, as recently as March 2008, her administration was publicly defending its frequent requests for the same kind of earmark spending that McCain himself often rails against.

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Media Matters notes that in a 2006 gubernatorial debate, Palin responded to a question about the Bridge to Nowhere saying, “I do support the infrastructure projects that are on tap here in the state of Alaska that our congressional delegations worked hard for.”
Palin ran for governor on a “build-the-bridge platform,” the Anchorage Daily News writes today.

Cross In The Sand: John McCain Caught Lying in Church?

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It appears John McCain’s very touching story about one of his captors in Vietnam showing him kindness and drawing a cross in the sand might actually be borrowed.

It is very similar to this story about Alexander Solzhenitsyn from his times in the Soviet Gulags.

Along with other prisoners, he worked in the fields day after day, in rain and sun, during summer and winter. His life appeared to be nothing more than backbreaking labor and slow starvation. The intense suffering reduced him to a state of despair.

On one particular day, the hopelessness of his situation became too much for him. He saw no reason to continue his struggle, no reason to keep on living. His life made no difference in the world. So he gave up.

Leaving his shovel on the ground, he slowly walked to a crude bench and sat down. He knew that at any moment a guard would order him to stand up, and when he failed to respond, the guard would beat him to death, probably with his own shovel. He had seen it happen to other prisoners.

As he waited, head down, he felt a presence. Slowly he looked up and saw a skinny old prisoner squat down beside him. The man said nothing. Instead, he used a stick to trace in the dirt the sign of the Cross. The man then got back up and returned to his work.

As Solzhenitsyn stared at the Cross drawn in the dirt his entire perspective changed. He knew he was only one man against the all-powerful Soviet empire. Yet he knew there was something greater than the evil he saw in the prison camp, something greater than the Soviet Union. He knew that hope for all people was represented by that simple Cross. Through the power of the Cross, anything was possible.

Solzhenitsyn slowly rose to his feet, picked up his shovel, and went back to work. Outwardly, nothing had changed. Inside, he had received hope.

[From Luke Veronis, “The Sign of the Cross”; Communion, issue 8, Pascha 1997.]

Excerpted from “The Gulag Archipelago” by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, which was released in the US in 1973.

It’s quite possible for them both to have had a similar experience while being held as prisoners, but the fact that John McCain seems to be bit of a Solzhenitsyn buff, recently writing this piece on him for the New York Sun, makes it very suspicious. After all this would not be his first time getting caught lying about his POW experience.


The Jed Report just put out this video pointing to some of John Mccain’s other lies:


Watch The Young Turks dig a little bit deeper into this story:

John McCain Caught Lying About Position(s) on Iraq War

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Jed Lewison of The Jed Report has went through and put together video of John McCain’s positions on Iraq from prior to the invasion in 2002 until now, debunking his claim of being the administrations “The Iraq war’s biggest critic.”

The video is about nine minutes long with lots of unseen video. I encourage everyone to watch as it shows just how easily John McCain is able to flip from one position to the another.

Just Another Gaffe? McCain Gets His Facts on Iraq Wrong Again?

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It seems like the gaffes keep getting bigger. In an interview on CBS John McCain again proved that he really isn’t in top shape when it comes to the area that is supposed to be his strength, foreign policy. More than a simple misspeak, McCain stated that the Anbar / Sunni Awakening in Iraq came as a result of the surge. In fact however, the “Awakening” began in September, 2006 according to Col. Sean McFarland (writing in the Military Review March-April 2008). The military surge didn’t begin until January 10th 2008.

Some of you might have missed this gaffe because it was edited out of the CBS interview as you will see in the video below. However, it was picked up on by CNN where John McCain’s camp was able to attempt to respond.

McCain Camp Admits Pander / Lie About Vietnam Statement

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John McCain Confronted by Vet. on False Voting Record

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John McCain Mistates Iraq Facts Again…

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