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Same As Bush On The Fundamentals

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Today on Meet The Press:

He touts his immigration reform as going against his own party.  The problem is that he actually folded to his own party even saying that he would vote against his own immigration bill.

Note: John McCain often uses the McCain / Kennedy Comprehensive Immigration Bill as an example of him reaching across the isle even though he does not support it.  This bill also mirrored the immigration plan laid out by no other then George W. Bush.  McCain only changed his position after running for president.

Update: TJR shows just how much McCain’s words today don’t add up:

John McCain On American Workers

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John McCain thinks that American workers wouldn’t pick lettuce for $50 an hour….Actually he says we couldn’t do it.

I have a huge amount of respect for migrant workers for all of the backbreaking jobs and risks they are willing to take just to support their families, but to say that American workers are incapable of picking lettuce is insulting.  For $50 dollars an hour you would have plenty of Americans fighting to pick lettuce in the hot Yuma sun.  This might just be more proof of McCain’s trouble with Economics.  It’s all about who is willing to do that type of work for less than $8 per hour.

By the way John McCain no longer supports HIS own immigration bill that he was defending.  The point he should have been making is that as long as we want to enjoy cheap lettuce we will need migrant workers who are willing to work all day in the fields for $8 per hour.

If I was in the room, I think I would have called his bluff:

50/hr X 8hrs = $400/day x 5= $2,000/week X 4 = $8,000/mo