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CNN Fact Check: Did McCain join, or lead on Fannie-Freddie reform?

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CNN Fact Check:

The Statement

Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama said at the Oct. 7 presidential debate in Nashville, Tennessee, “With respect to Fannie Mae, what Sen. McCain didn’t mention is the fact that this bill that he talked about wasn’t his own bill. He jumped on it a year after it had been introduced and
it never got passed.”

Get the facts!

The Facts
Since the recent financial meltdown, McCain has repeatedly said on the campaign trail that he warned his fellow lawmakers about a potential crisis with the government-regulated mortgage firms Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He’s referring to a May 2006 speech he gave on the floor of the Senate in support of a plan he co-sponsored — the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Act of 2005.

In the speech, he cited a federal report, saying that “Fannie Mae employees deliberately and intentionally manipulated financial reports to hit earnings targets.” He also noted a $3.8 million fine Freddie Mac had recently paid to the Federal Elections Commission over problems with disclosure of its political lobbying. “These are entities that have demonstrated over and over again that they are deeply in need of reform,” McCain said in the speech. He urged senators to support changing how the institutions were overseen by the government.

Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Nebraska, sponsored the bill, which was introduced in January 2005. The legislation, which never became law, would have moved oversight of Fannie and Freddie from the department of Housing and Urban Development to an independent Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Agency.

The Verdict: True. McCain’s warning came more than a year after legislation was introduced. He was not the sponsor and the bill failed to pass.

Update: More claims debunked by CNN

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On The Record: John McCain’s Judgement on Putting Our Troops in Harms Way

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From Jed Lewison:

Another Major Foreign Policy Gaffe by McCain

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Tonight John McCain claimed that Pakistan’s former president Pervez Musharraf’s military coup came as a result of Pakistan being a “failed state.”

Max Burgmann points out that for someone who claims foreign policy to be his strong point McCain’s lack of understanding of this subject is unacceptable:

Musharraf took power in a military coup in 1999 when he diposed Nawaz Sharif – who recently participated in the latest election. The coup followed the 1999 war in Kashmir with India and was due to a power struggle with Sharif, not due to Pakistan being a “failed state.” The United States did not welcome the Musharraf coup. Instead the government of the United States imposed sanctions against this action.

Remember Pakistan had nuclear weapons in 1999. Did McCain believe that there was a failed state that possessed nuclear weapons? If he did he showed no concern at the time. The fact is McCain made a huge gaffe and demonstrated he has little understanding if the region.

Caught Lying From The Get Go…

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From TJR:

There are several other lies/misspeaks to be address and the videos have already started hitting youtube.  Perhaps the most obvious was John McCain refusing to admit that Henry Kissinger called for unconditional negotiations with Iran.  


John McCain also brought up his line about government spending 3 million dollars on the testing Bears DNA in Montana.  The funny thing is that has pointed out that he actually voted for the very bill (h.j.res.2) that this funding was included in. 


John McCain is Mrs. Congeniality


I’ll have more later…

History Repeating It’s Self? McCain Down In Polls Backs Out of 2000 Debate

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From the San Francisco Chronicle, February 2000:

With new polls showing his campaign dead in the water among California Republicans, Arizona Sen. John McCain has pulled out of a long-scheduled debate with Texas Gov. George Bush, set for Thursday in Los Angeles.

McCain campaign officials tried desperately yesterday to put the best face on their withdrawal, even as a new Field Poll showed Bush far ahead among likely Republican voters in the winner-take-all race for the state’s 162 GOP delegates.  […]

The bait and switch on the debate left the Arizona senator — whose favorite campaign line is “I’ll always tell you the truth” — wide open to blistering criticism from his rivals.

“Clearly, this is more double-talk from the McCain campaign,” said Alixe Mattingly, a spokeswoman for Bush. “Pulling out of this debate at the last minute is an indication that they’re pulling out of California, where McCain’s antagonistic message clearly isn’t working.”