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Desperate Times: McCain using spliced and edited youtube video of Obama to lie to voters

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From Ben Calhoun, Chicago Public Radio:

In 2001, Chicago Public Radio interviewed then Illinois State Senator Barack Obama about civil rights.  Over the weekend, someone posted excerpts of the interview, edited to misrepresent Obama’s statements.  The item is now catching national attention.

Click here for Obama’s full interviews.

The clips are taken from an interview that aired in January of 2001. Then State Senator Obama is one of three legal scholars interviewed for a show about civil rights. Over the weekend, someone pulled excerpts of the show and posted them to You Tube—and today, the posting caught fire on political blogs, the Drudge Report, and Fox News.

The 4 minute spliced collection of clips portrays Obama as advocate a redistribution of wealth through the power of the Supreme Court. That folds in with some allegations by the McCain Palin campaign.

The twist here is that, when heard in the context of the whole show, Obama’s position is distinctly misrepresented by the You Tube posting. Taken in context, Obama is evaluating the historical successes and failures of the Civil Rights movement—and, ironically, he says the Supreme Court was a failure in cases that it took on a role of redistributing resources.

The McCain campaign told ABC News it plans to use the material to bolster its criticism of Obama.


Note: WaPo fact checker debunked this almost immediately.  This just goes to show how little substance the McCain campaign is working with at this point.  Instead of focusing on the issues that are important to us he has focused solely on the old warn out politics of negativity and fear.


Fact Check: McCain Lying About Obama’s 2001 Interview

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Update:  It has just been brought to light by the radio station in which the interview below took place, that the audio has been spliced and edited.  They have released the full audio here.

From the WaPo Fact Checker:

The Facts

“Obama Bombshell Audio Uncovered. He wants to Radically Reinterpret the Constitution to Redistribute Wealth!!” runs the YouTube headline from the conservative video blog Naked Emperor News. “This video exposes the radical beneath the rhetoric.”

On closer inspection, the “bombshell audio” turns out to be a rather wonkish, somewhat impenetrable, discussion of the Supreme Court under Earl Warren. Obama, then a University of Chicago law professor and Illinois state senator, argued that the courts have traditionally been reluctant to get involved in income distribution questions. He suggested that the civil rights movement had made a mistake in expecting too much from the courts — and that such issues were better decided by the legislative branch of government.

You can read the entire transcript of the interview here, courtesy of Fox News, but here is the passage in which Obama explains that courts are “not very good” at redistributing wealth:

Maybe I am showing my bias here as a legislator as well as a law professor, but you know I am not optimistic about bringing about major redistributive change through the courts. You know the institution just isn’t structured that way…. Any of the three of us sitting here could come up with a rationale for bringing about economic change through the courts. I think that, as a practical matter, that our institutions are just poorly equipped to do it.

In other words, Obama says pretty much the opposite of what the McCain camp says he said. Contrary to the spin put on his remarks by McCain economics adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin, he does not express “regret” that the Supreme Court has not been more “radical.” Nor does he describe the Court’s refusal to take up economic redistribution questions as a “tragedy.” He uses the word “tragedy” to refer not to the Supreme Court, but to the civil rights movement:

One of the tragedies of the civil rights movement was that the civil rights movement became so court focused, I think, there was a tendency to lose track of the political and organizing activities on the ground that are able to bring about the coalitions of power through which you bring about redistributive change.

Holtz-Eakin “read a different interview to the one I heard,” said Dennis Hutchinson, a University of Chicago law professor who joined Obama in the panel discussion. “Obama said that redistribution of wealth issues need to be decided by legislatures, not by the courts. That is what a progressive income tax is all about.”

While there are sharp differences between the two candidates on economic issues, they both favor a progressive income tax system in which people with high incomes are taxed at a higher rate than people with low incomes.

The Pinocchio Test

With very few exceptions, all American politicians, including both presidential candidates, are in favor of a progressive income tax system and welfare policies (such as Medicare and Social Security) that “redistribute wealth.” Barack Obama is more enthusiastic about “spreading the wealth around” than his Republican rival. But that does not make him a “Socialist.” The McCain camp is wrong to suggest that the Illinois senator advocated an “wealth redistribution” role for the Supreme Court in his 2001 interview.

Same As Bush On The Fundamentals

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Today on Meet The Press:

He touts his immigration reform as going against his own party.  The problem is that he actually folded to his own party even saying that he would vote against his own immigration bill.

Note: John McCain often uses the McCain / Kennedy Comprehensive Immigration Bill as an example of him reaching across the isle even though he does not support it.  This bill also mirrored the immigration plan laid out by no other then George W. Bush.  McCain only changed his position after running for president.

Update: TJR shows just how much McCain’s words today don’t add up:

John McCain Wants You To Forget About The Economy

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According to this piece in The Washington Post, the McCain campaign feels it’s time to turn the page on the economy stating:

“We are looking for a very aggressive last 30 days,” said Greg Strimple, one of McCain’s top advisers. “We are looking forward to turning a page on this financial crisis and getting back to discussing Mr. Obama’s aggressively liberal record and how he will be too risky for Americans.”

Instead of talking about the issues that are important to us it appears John McCain is going to ramp up his ongoing battle with nonpartisan fact checkers.  Instead of explaining to all of us in detail how his policies are fundamentally different than George Bush, he’s going to start throwing the kitchen sink of smears.  In fact the McCain campaign is now spending 100% of it’s advertising budget on negative ads.   Here are just some examples from the fact checkers:

Guilt and Associations

Keeping Quiet?


Obama’s Trillion Dollar Spending Plan


Obama’s Fannie Mae “Connection”

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John McCain Doesn’t Speak For The McCain Campaign

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You really have to wonder who is in charge.  In the latest round of McCain vs. his handlers we have John McCain admitting a week ago that his health care plan would in fact tax American families and then we have his spokesman Tucker Bounds saying that is an absolute lie:

Of course we all remember this one where McCain admitted he would consider raising payroll taxes to fix social security only to have his spokesman Tucker Bounds come out to correct him:

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Caught Lying From The Get Go…

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From TJR:

There are several other lies/misspeaks to be address and the videos have already started hitting youtube.  Perhaps the most obvious was John McCain refusing to admit that Henry Kissinger called for unconditional negotiations with Iran.  


John McCain also brought up his line about government spending 3 million dollars on the testing Bears DNA in Montana.  The funny thing is that has pointed out that he actually voted for the very bill (h.j.res.2) that this funding was included in. 


John McCain is Mrs. Congeniality


I’ll have more later…

John McCain Lies About Campaign Managers Involvement In Freddie Mac

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From Huffington Post :

Nicholas Graham, September 23, 2008

Two reports tonight, one from the New York Times, and the other from Newsweek, contradict John McCain’s statement this week that his campaign manager Rick Davis had no involvement with mortgage giant Freddie Mac for the last several years. The Times reports:

One of the giant mortgage companies at the heart of the credit crisis paid $15,000 a month to a firm owned by Senator John McCain’s campaign manager from the end of 2005 through last month, according to two people with direct knowledge of the arrangement. The disclosure contradicts a statement Sunday night by Mr. McCain that the campaign manager, Rick Davis, had no involvement with the company for the last several years. Mr. Davis’s firm received the payments from the company, Freddie Mac, until it was taken over by the government this month along with Fannie Mae, the other big mortgage lender whose deteriorating finances helped precipitate the cascading problems on Wall Street, the people said… 
…On Sunday, in an interview with CNBC and The New York Times, Mr. McCain responded to a question about Mr. Davis’s role in the advocacy group through 2005 by saying that his campaign manager “has had nothing to do with it since, and I’ll be glad to have his record examined by anybody who wants to look at it.”


Newsweek confirms the story:

Freddie Mac had previously paid an advocacy group run by Davis, called the Homeownership Alliance, $30,000 a month until the end 2005, when that group was dissolved. That relationship was the subject of a New York Times story Monday, which drew angry denunciations from the McCain campaign. McCain and his aides have vehemently objected to suggestions that Davis has ties to Freddie Mac-an especially sensitive issue given that the Republican presidential candidate has blamed “the lobbyists, politicians and bureaucrats” for the mortgage crisis that recently prompted the Bush administration to take over both Freddie Mac and its companion, Fannie Mae, and put it under federal conservatorship. 
But neither the Times story — nor the McCain campaign — revealed that Davis’s firm, the Washington, D.C. based lobbying firm Davis Manafort, continued to receive $15,000 a month from Freddie Mac until last month-long after the Homeownership Allianc e had been terminated. The two sources, who requested anonymity discussing sensitive information, told Newsweek that Davis himself approached Freddie Mac in 2006 and asked for a new consulting arrangement that would allow his firm to continue to be paid. The arrangement was approved by Hollis McLoughlin, Freddie Mac’s vice president for external relations, because “he [Davis] was John McCain’s campaign manager and it was felt you couldn’t say no,” said one of the sources. [McLoughlin did not return phone calls].


Here’s video of McCain from 60 Minutes on Sunday denying Davis had anything to do Freddie Mac:

In a sharply-worded statement released to the Huffington Post, David Donnelly, director of the watchdog group Campaign Money Watch, said: “John McCain’s campaign manager and Freddie Mac essentially had a secret half a million dollar lay-a-way plan. For almost three years, they made secret, monthly payments of $15,000 to Rick Davis for apparently no other work than for him to provide special access to a future McCain White House in exchange. If McCain knew about this, his presidential campaign should be over. If he didn’t know about it, he ought to fire Rick Davis immediately.”

McCain’s campaign has been attacking Obama over his own (rather tenuous) ties to the two former lending giants. GOP officials argued that despite whatever connections Davis or others had to the mortgage giants, McCain was a leading advocate for reforming them. However, the Times‘ reporting punches some holes in that claim:


In an interview Tuesday with conservative talk-radio host Neal Boortz, Mr. McCain said, “I remember warning at that time that Fannie and Freddie were out of control and that they needed to be reined in. And, frankly, I warned that this kind of thing could lead to serious problems. Now, in full disclosure, I didn’t foresee something this huge, but certainly I saw the fundamentals there for serious problems when you have a quasi government agency acting the way they did.”

When Mr. Boortz noted approvingly that Mr. McCain had co-sponsored a Senate bill to mandate new regulations, Mr. McCain said, “I remember it very well.”

But a Freddie Mac official said Mr. McCain “never took on the role that some other Republicans did” to try to limit the companies. He named instead Senators Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, John Sununu of New Hampshire and Elizabeth Dole ofNorth Carolina, all of whom were on the banking committee during recent years. “I remember working against a number of amendments and they were always introduced by Hagel and Sununu. John McCain was never anywhere to be found.”

A check of the records for the legislation that Mr. Boortz mentioned shows that Senator Hagel was the original sponsor on Jan. 26, 2005, and Senators Sununu and Dole were co-sponsors then. Mr. McCain did not sign on as a co-sponsor for more than a year, on May 25, 2006.


John McCain’s Own Pork Barrel Spending Comes to Light…Guess He Lied About That Too

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From Progressive Accountability:

1991: $4.6 Million for Construction of Arizona Road

New York Times: McCain Got $3 Million for Road Project. In 2000, the New York Timesreported, “Senator Robert C. Byrd, Democrat of West Virginia, and a number of Republicans who have been criticized by M r. McCain said he had also advanced his own wasteful projects in Arizona, including…$3 million for the Turquoise Trail, a joint effort of the Navajo and Hopi tribes.” [New York Times, 2/18/00]

McCain Got Multi-Million Dollar Earmark for Arizona Road. In 1991, States News Servicereported, “Last year, however, McCain asked a key lawmaker to help secure funding for construction of Arizona’s Turquoise Trail road between Navajo and Hopi Indian reservations.Congress appropriated $4.6 million for the road after McCain sought help from Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., chairman of the Senate Appropriations subcommittee on transportation.” In 2000, the Union Leader’s editorial page editor reported that the earmark was for $3 million. [States News Service, 6/13/91; Union Leader, 1/12/00]

  • McCain Wrote Letter Asking For Funding. According to States News Service, McCain wrote the following in a letter to Transportation Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Lautenberg: “The Turquoise Trail (will) promote the Black Mesa Region of both reservations by providing a reliable and critically-needed link between communities and employment centers.” The letter was written in July 1990. [States News Service, 6/13/91]
  • McCain Spokesman Defended Earmark. When questioned about the contradiction between McCain’s anti-pork rhetoric and his solicitation of the earmark for the Turquoise Trail, McCain spokesman Scott Celley “said McCain’s support for the Turquoise Trail last year ‘is irrelevant…What matters is the federal government has some $300 billion in deficits this year, and Congress has shown an inability to get a grip on spending.’” [States News Service, 6/13/91]

Arizona Republic Pointed To Earmark as Contradicting “Maverick” Image. In 2008, the Arizona Republic cited McCain’s 1991 earmark for the Turquoise Trail as one of “8 incidents that complicate” McCain’s image as a maverick. “1991: McCain’s crusade against pork-barrel spending hits a bump after it is revealed McCain wrote a letter in July 1990 to the chairman of a Senate Appropriations subcommittee seeking money for an Arizona road called the Turquoise Trail.” [Arizona Republic, 4/6/08]

$56 Million for Arizona Flood Control Project

New York Times: McCain Got $56 Million for Project. In 2000, the New York Timesreported, “Senator Robert C. Byrd, Democrat of West Virginia, and a number of Republicans who have been criticized by M r. McCain said he had also advanced his own wasteful projects in Arizona, including a $56 million authorization for an environmental and habitat restoration project along the Salt River.” [New York Times, 2/18/00]

Union Leader: McCain Got $56 Million for Project. In a 2000 editorial, the Union Leader’seditorial page editor wrote that McCain “collected more than $56 million for the Rio Salado environmental and habitat restoration project along the Salt River in Arizona.” [Union Leader, 1/12/00]

McCain Claimed Credit for Project In 2000 Press Release. In a 2000 press release issued by his presidential campaign, McCain included securing an authorization for the Rio Salado Environmental Restoration Project in the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 1999 in a list of “more than twenty initiatives either sponsored or co-sponsored by Senator John McCain” that were signed into law during the 106th Congress or were awaiting the president’s signature. Water projects, such as this project championed by McCain, cannot receive earmarks until they are authorized in the WRDA Bill. [Presidential Campaign Press Materials, 11/23/99]

McCain’s $56 Million Project Was Flood Control Project – Common Among Earmarks. An examination of S. 507, the Water Resources Development Act of 1999, shows that the project pushed for by McCain was described as follows: “Rio Salado (Salt River), Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona – The project for flood control and environmental restoration, Rio Salado (Salt River), Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona: Report of the Chief of Engineers dated August 20, 1998, at a total cost of $88,048,000, with an estimated Federal cost of $56,355,000 and an estimated non-Federal cost of $31,693,000.” [S. 507, Water Resources Development Act of 1999, accessed 4/8/08]

  • Fiscal Year 2000 Energy & Water Development Appropriations Bill Contained Earmark for Salt River. In the Fiscal Year 2000 Energy & Water Development Appropriations Bill, the Appropriations Committee “provided funds to conduct reconnaissance level reviews of two additional reaches of the Salt River in Phoenix, Arizona. These reaches, extending to the east and west of the Rio Salado, Arizona, project as currently proposed, are to be studied for environmental restoration and related purposes.” [Fiscal Year 2000 Energy & Water Development Appropriations Bill, accessed 4/7/08]
  • Fiscal Year 2003 Omnibus Appropriations Bill Contained $1.097 Million Earmark for West Salt River. The Fiscal Year 2003 Omnibus Appropriations bill contained an earmark for “$1,097,000 for the South/Central Arizona Investigations program, including $300,000 for the West Salt River Valley Water Management Study.” [Fiscal Year 2003 Omnibus Appropriations Bill, accessed 4/7/08]
  • Fiscal Year 2006 Energy & Water Development Appropriations Bill Included Earmarks for Salt River. The Fiscal Year 2006 Energy & Water Development Appropriations bill contained earmarks for the Salt River: “$109,000 is available to complete the final report of phase II of the central Arizona salinity study and $250,000 for the West Salt River Management Study.” [Fiscal Year 2006 Energy & Water Development Appropriations Bill, accessed 4/7/08]

Millions For Tucson Environmental “Conflict Resolution” Center

New York Times: McCain Got $4.2 Million for Tucson Center. In 2000, the New York Times reported, “Senator Robert C. Byrd, Democrat of West Virginia, and a number of Republicans who have been criticized by M r. McCain said he had also advanced his own wasteful projects in Arizona, including…$4.2 million to create a national mediation center in Tucson.” [New York Times, 2/12/00]

  • McCain Sponsored Legislation To Create And Fund New Program at Tucson Center. In 1998, McCain passed S. 399, the Environmental Policy and Conflict Resolution Act of 1997, through the House and Senate, and the bill was signed into law. The legislation authorized $4,250,000 for Fiscal Year 1998 and $1,250,000 each year for Fiscal Years 1999 through 2002. The Center is housed at the Morris K. Udall Foundation in Tucson, Arizona. [S. 399, Environmental Policy and Conflict Resolution Act of 1997; Morris K. Udall Foundation, accessed 4/7/08]

Hundreds of Million for the Central Arizona Project (CAP)

1987: McCain Helped Secure $237 Million for CAP in FY 1988. In June 1987, the States News Service reported that McCain and other members of the Arizona Congressional Delegation “emerged from three days of intensive, closed-door negotiations Thursday to announce an agreement with environmental groups” to save hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for the Central Arizona Project. In September 1987, the States News Servicereported, “The Senate Appropriations Committee Tuesday approved spending $237 million for the Central Arizona Project in fiscal 1988…Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said in a press release, ‘This action indicates strong support for the CAP and portends favorable consideration by the full House and Senate.’” In 1987, the States News Service [Sates News Service, 6/18/87; States News Service, 9/15/87]

McCain Helped Make Arizona’s “Annual Pitch to Congress” for Funding. In 1987, States News Service reported, “Gov. Evan Mecham and Arizona’s congressional delegationdelivered the state’s annual pitch to Congress Tuesday for continued federal funding of the Central Arizona Project. In his first appearance before Congress since being elected last November, Mecham urged two budget subcommittees to approve the Reagan administration’s record $275.8 million fiscal 1988 funding request for the massive water development project. Joining the Republican governor were Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., Arizona Reps. Morris K. Udall, Jim Kolbe, Jon Kyl and Jay Rhodes, and former Reps. John Rhodes, Jr., and Eldon Rudd.” [States News Service, 3/31/87]

Mercado Development

Arizona Trend: McCain Got Funding for Mercado Development. In 1989, the Arizona Trend reported that “McCain…got federal funding for the Mercado development in Phoenix.” [Arizona Trend, 3/1989]

  • Mercado Project was Failed Phoenix Development Pushed by Jailed Governor Symington. According to the Associated Press, the Mercado was “a Phoenix complex of offices, shops and restaurants resembling ancient Indian buildings in Mexico.” The project, which was only partly occupied and didn’t make any money, was spearheaded by Governor Fife Symington, a real estate developer. While in office, Symington went bankrupt. The Mercado was financed by six union pension funds, but “The unions foreclosed on the loan in 1991, and were awarded an $11.4 million by a judge.” [Associated Press, 9/20/95]

Orbital Sciences Corporation

McCain Helped A Phoenix Space Lab Secure A $25 Million Grant From The Federal Government. While they were busy fighting off charges from the Keating Five scandal, Arizona Senators Dennis DeConcini and John McCain helped secure a $25 million federal contract for a space science lab in Phoenix. Senator DeConcini said, “There was the ability to sell it, to float it politically, that this was a good investment for America. I’m glad to have John McCain as a colleague to work for a $25 million contract because it was not just good for Arizona, because it was good for small business and good for the nation, a partnership of the private sector and the federal government.” [MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, 1/22/90]

McCain “Talked Tough” To Secure Money From The Department of Defense. Senator Dennis DeConcini said, “Did we do anything wrong by interceding? Well, that’s what I do for you, ladies and gentlemen. That’s my job. Maybe you didn’t know it, but that’s what I do. That’s what I did for McDonnell-Douglas. They came to me and said, you know, Sec. Cheney is only going to procure the grand total of 60 Apache helicopters; we think they ought to procure a lot more. What did we do? Sen. McCain and three Congressmen, including your Congressman here, went to see Mr. Cheney at his office with no staff. We sat down and we talked, we talked tough.” [MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, 1/22/90]

McCain Helped Arizona Companies To Distract Arizonans From The Keating Scandal.“These are not happy times for DeConcini and McCain. They are both under a cloud. They are both under investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee. And they are both scrambling to convince Arizona that what they did to help the Orbital Science Corporation and other companies in Arizona like McDonnell-Douglas and Hughes Aircraft was nothing more, nothing less, than what they tried to do for Charles Keating and his scandal ridden Lincoln Savings & Loan Association, and that was to protect Arizona jobs.” [MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, 1/22/90]

With McCain’s Help, A Key Component To ‘Star Wars’ Was Produced In Arizona. “Orbital Sciences Corp. of Fairfax completed the first in a series of eight lightweight projectile missions for the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization. The LEAP-1 mission launch occurred Feb. 18 from the Army’s White Sands Missile Range, the company said in a statement. Orbital Sciences said the vehicle used in the mission was designed, produced and integrated by Orbital’s Space Data Division, based in Chandler, Ariz., and consists of an internally guided booster, a payload module bus, a target module and other associated hardware.” [Washington Post, 2/24/92]

McCain’s Earmark Helped Save Local Arizona Jobs. Orbital Sciences Corporation, which was in dire trouble in 1990, benefitted greatly from a defense contract valued at approximately $20 million. According to the Washington Post, “the company’s Chandler,Arizona based Space Data Division has won contracts totaling $ 20 million from the Army, Air Force, Strategic Defense Initiative Organization and Titan Corp. covering suborbital launches.” [Washington Post, 8/2/90]

  • McCain Said He Has “Never Believed” Defense Contracts Should Create Jobs. According to the Associated Press, “McCain said jobs were not the key issue. ‘I’ve never believed that defense programs, that the major reason for them should be to create jobs,’ he told reporters in Phoenix. ‘I’ve always felt that the best thing to do is to create the best weapons system we can at minimum cost to taxpayers.” [Associated Press, 2/4/08]

McCain’s Pet Project Was a Waste of Taxpayers’ Money

McCain’s Pet Project Was Plagued By Problems and Delays. Tests of the Aries rocket, manufactured by Orbital Sciences Corporations in Chandler, Arizona, were delayed due to “technical problems’ with the rocket. According to the New York Times, “The scheduled launching early this morning was delayed when a telemetry unit needed to monitor the rocket’s flight performance appeared to malfunction.” They added, “An earlier scheduled launching of the rocket on Aug. 23 was called off because a nearly identical rocket had to be destroyed three days earlier when it veered off course. That problem was traced to a computer programmer’s error.” [New York Times, 9/3/91]

The Pentagon Was Forced To Destroy A $10 Million Rocket After It Veered Off Course.The Pentagon was forced to destroy a $10 million Aries missile after it veered off course in a test of the Strategic Defense Initiative. “The rocket was manufactured by the Chandler,Ariz., Space Data Division of Orbital Sciences Corporation. One of its Prospector rockets was destroyed after experiencing guidance problems in a commercial launch last June.” [Christian Science Monitor, 8/21/91]

Nogales Wastewater Treatment Facilities

1992: McCain Requested $5 Million for Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Washington Post reported, “It turns out, McCain may not have always been so averse to earmarks.” The Post located a “1992 letter in which McCain privately pressed the Republican administration of President Bush’s father, George H.W. Bush, to secure a $5 million earmark for a wastewater project in Arizona after Congress had rejected the request in its own spending bill. Spurned by his colleagues, McCain took his case to the head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. ‘I would like to request that EPA either re-program $5 million out of existing funds or earmark the amount from an appropriate account,’ McCain wrote in his Oct. 9, 1992 letter to then-EPA Administrator William K. Reilly, calling the earmark ‘crucial to protecting the public health and environment.’ Reilly wrote back a few months later – in the final days of the first Bush administration – saying his agency had ‘no options with which to fund this project.’” [Washington Post, 12/31/07]

  • McCain Made Kyl Do The Dirty Work. After 15 years of trying, Senators McCain and Kyl wrote another letter to the EPA in October of 2007. According to the St. Petersburg Times, “Again the EPA left it out, so Kyl — not McCain — put an earmark in the 2008 omnibus spending bill.” [Congressional Quarterly/St. Petersburg Times, accessed on 2/13/08]

Arizona Law Center

McCain Proposed $10 Million for Law Center in Arizona. In December 2005, McCain introduced S. 2136, the William H. Rehnquist Center Act of 2005. The legislation would provide $10 million over five years to establish the William H. Rehnquist Center on Constitutional Structures and Judicial Independence at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law. The legislation was not voted upon. [S. 2136, William H. Rehnquist Center Act of 2005]

$14.3 Million for Luke Air Force Base

Roll Call Headline: “McCain Breaks Own Pork Rule.” In 2003, Roll Call reported, “McCain pushed for, and got, $14.3 million for Arizona’s Luke Air Force Base inserted into the just-completed fiscal 2004 military construction appropriations conference report.” Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman, who has battled with McCain for years over earmarks, said, “We don’t discriminate. … If he asked for it, we put it in.” [Roll Call, 11/6/03]

McCain Caught Lying About Stance On Northern Ireland Peace Process

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From Democracy Arsenal:

McCain was against US involvement in Northern Ireland peace process 

Posted by Max Bergmann

John McCain was in Scranton today (apparently Scranton is the epicenter of the political universe these days) claiming to have been a long supporter of U.S. involvement in the Northern Ireland peace process – which just happens to be completely untrue.

I am not sure if John McCain just can’t remember his positions in the 90s or if he is deliberately misleading people. He also took a swipe at Barack O’bama. Here is what John McCain said today:


If I am elected President, I will continue America’s leadership role. I am committed, as I know the American people are committed, to furthering the bonds of cooperation that have been forged in Northern Ireland’s peace process. As a demonstration of that commitment, I will continue the practice, begun by President Clinton, of appointing a U.S. Special Envoy for Northern Ireland. I know Senator Obama has questioned whether that appointment is needed. I would urge him to reconsider. If I am elected president, I assure you that there will be no weakening in America’s commitment to peace in Northern Ireland. I’ll maintain the special U.S. envoy for Northern Ireland, and I will welcome peacemakers to the White House.

First of all McCain widely criticized Clinton’s involvement in the Northern Ireland peace process in the 1990s. McCain called Clinton a “romantic” and called U.S. involvement “mistaken” and driven by the Irish-American lobby. In 1996, McCain wrote in Foreign Policy Magazine:

“Motivated by romantic, anachronistic notions of Irish republicanism, some prominent Irish-Americans persuaded the president (over the objection of the State Department) to jump headfirst into the Northern Ireland problem, severely straining our relations with London…[through our] mistaken involvement in the Northern Ireland problem, President Clinton has deepened the risk to his credibility and further damaged relations with our British allies.” [Foreign Policy, Summer 1996]

Not exactly a shinning endorsement of the peace process is it. It also once again shows McCain’s poor judgment and complete lack of understanding of how peace is made. McCain was also opposed to giving Gerry Adams a visa to come to the United States. But establishing trust with both Catholics and Protestants was crucial to asserting our neutrality and enhanced our ability to arbitrate the dispute and eventually help lay the ground work for peace. McCain was against that.

Secondly, McCain’s attack on Obama is ridiculous. It is probably unnecessary to maintain a special envoy after the peace process has finalized and a joint power-sharing Protestant-Catholic government has now taken hold. I am not sure if Barack Obama has taken a position on this – this position seems like something that should just gradually shrink away. But the fact that McCain would attack Obama on the peace process after oppossing it throughout the 90s is completely hypocritical. If McCain is going to pander he should at least do it on areas where he has a leg to stand on.

Congressman Richard Neal sums it up best:

“By contrast, John McCain has spent years ridiculing and minimizing U.S. efforts to help resolve the Troubles. In an article in Foreign Affairs, he said President Bill Clinton’s efforts were “romantic” and accused him of undertaking his tireless work for peace in order to curry favor with Irish Americans. He criticized the decision to grant Gerry Adams a visa, a development now considered crucial to the success of the peace process. He claimed our role in Northern Ireland was severely damaging our relationship with Great Britain. Yet in a speech before Congress in 2003, British Prime Minister Tony Blair publicly thanked America for its support of the peace process. Quite simply, in the long march towards peace and stability in Northern Ireland, John McCain has been on the wrong side of history every step of the way.”

FactCheck.Org: Another Lie From John McCain

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Guilt and Associations

September 23, 2008
McCain once again tries to tar Obama with the controversies of others.
A McCain-Palin ad says that Obama was “born of the corrupt Chicago political machine” and implies that the candidate himself is corrupt by association with four local political figures. But the ad’s implication and many of its supporting details are false. In fact, this is a particularly egregious example of ricochet sliming:

  • William Daley, the first figure mentioned in the ad, is indeed related to the other famous Chicago Daleys, but he’s never been accused of any wrongdoing. And the former commerce secretary isn’t Obama’s only economic adviser, as the ad implies.      

  • Emil Jones, Illinois state Senate leader, may indeed have been Obama’s “political godfather.” But he, too, hasn’t been charged with or even seriously accused of misdeeds despite the ad’s claim of an “ethical cloud.”      

  • Obama did have a past relationship with real estate developer Tony Rezko, but he is no longer Obama’s “money man.” Obama hasn’t been associated with him since his indictment for wire fraud, bribery, money laundering and attempted extortion, and Obama donated all of the disgraced businessman’sprevious campaign contributions to charity.
  • Rod Blagojevich has been touched by plenty of scandal but his relationship with Obama doesn’t extend much beyond being “his governor.” In fact, Obama has worked on ethics legislation triggered by some of the Blagojevich‘s questionable moves. 

Most important, the ad offers no evidence of wrongdoing by Obama himself in connection with any of these relationships, however close or distant.

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