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John McCain We Have Seen This Before – WTF Are You Doing?

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Conservative Women to John McCain: Man Up…Stop Hiding Behind Sarah Palin

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Republican Michelle Lexalt gives John McCain a little straight talk about hiding behind Sarah Palin and not supporting equal pay for women:


You can see the whole discussion here.

John McCain’s Domestic Terrorism Problem

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From Jed Report:

Here’s how the New York Times summarized the legislation John McCain voted against (not just once, but twice):

The Senate voted overwhelmingly today for a Federal law to prohibit bombings, arson and blockades at abortion clinics, and shootings and threats of violence against doctors and nurses who perform abortions.

The vote was 69 to 30. Twenty-eight senators who voted against Federal financing of abortions six weeks ago supported the measure, seeing it as a law-and-order matter rather than as an abortion issue.

Read More at the Jed Report.


Think Progress points out that on multiple occasions throughout his career, McCain sought to limit the government’s ability to punish violent anti-choice fanatics by:

– Voting against making anti-choice violence a federal crime. As the Jed Report notes, McCain voted in 1993 and 1994 against making “bombings, arson and blockades at abortion clinics, and shootings and threats of violence against doctors and nurses who perform abortions” federal crimes.

– Opposing Colorado’s “Bubble Law.” McCain said he opposed Colorado’s “Bubble Law,” which prohibited abortion protesters from getting within 8 feet of women entering clinics [Denver Post, 2/27/00]. The law was later upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

– Voting to allow those fined for violence at clinics to avoid penalties by declaring bankruptcy. NARAL Pro-Chioce America notes that McCain “voted to allow perpetrators of violence or harassment at reproductive-health clinics to avoid paying the fines assessed against them for their illegal acts by declaring bankruptcy.”

John McCain Wants You To Forget About The Economy

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According to this piece in The Washington Post, the McCain campaign feels it’s time to turn the page on the economy stating:

“We are looking for a very aggressive last 30 days,” said Greg Strimple, one of McCain’s top advisers. “We are looking forward to turning a page on this financial crisis and getting back to discussing Mr. Obama’s aggressively liberal record and how he will be too risky for Americans.”

Instead of talking about the issues that are important to us it appears John McCain is going to ramp up his ongoing battle with nonpartisan fact checkers.  Instead of explaining to all of us in detail how his policies are fundamentally different than George Bush, he’s going to start throwing the kitchen sink of smears.  In fact the McCain campaign is now spending 100% of it’s advertising budget on negative ads.   Here are just some examples from the fact checkers:

Guilt and Associations

Keeping Quiet?


Obama’s Trillion Dollar Spending Plan


Obama’s Fannie Mae “Connection”

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When it Comes to Military Strategies, John McCain Just Doesn’t Get It

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Let’s face it, John McCain’s has staked his entire military strategy around the surge.  The fact is McCain is so consumed by the surge that he is blind to the reality of the situation we are in. He continues to mention general Petraeus while saying that we will be victorious in Iraq even though Gen. Petraeus himself said he did not know if he would ever use the word “victory” when it comes to Iraq:

“This is not the sort of struggle where you take a hill, plant the flag and go home to a victory parade… it’s not war with a simple slogan.”


So consumed by the surge stratagy is John McCain, that he’s now claiming Iraq should be the example of how we approach Afghanistan:

“Senator Obama refuses to acknowledge that we are winning in Iraq . . . That’s what’s happening in Iraq, and it wasn’t a tactic . . . It was a stratagem. And that same strategy will be employed in Afghanistan by this great general.”


“Senator Obama calls for more troops, but what he doesn’t understand, it’s got to be a new strategy, the same strategy that he condemned in Iraq. It’s going to have to be employed in Afghanistan.”

Despite VP pick Sarah Pailin’s willingness to lie to the American people yesterday, the leading general in Afghanistan, Gen. McKiernan (not Mclellan as she claimed) did in fact say:

 “What I don’t think is needed — the word that I don’t use in Afghanistan is the word “surge.” There needs to be a sustained commitment of a variety of military and non-military resources, I believe. That’s my advice to winning in Afghanistan. It won’t be a short-term solution.”

Veterans Hitting John McCain Hard For His Flawed Record of Support

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From Veterans Today:

Open Letter to Senator John McCain

by Jere Beery

Senator McCain, I watched the 1st Presidential debate with great interest. One particular comment made by you caught my attention. You stated “the veterans know you will take care of them’ if you are elected President. I’m one of the veterans you were apparently speaking of/for, and I take issue with your assumption. Your voting record in the Senate on veteran’s issues has been nothing less than deplorable. Most recently, you opposed the new GI Bill on the basis it was too generous. Your record speaks for itself. Why should the veterans believe you now? 

As I said, I am one of the veterans you were addressing. I am the recipient of 1 Bronze Star and 3 Purple Hearts for service in Vietnam. I have been a veteran’s advocate for over 25 years now and I am more than qualified to criticize you and your comment. I have personally been fighting for increased funding for veterans’ healthcare for three decades. I am currently involved in the nationwide movement for full mandatory funding of the VA healthcare system.

To date, our resolution for full funding has been adopted by several Presidential candidates, to include; Senator Barack Obama, Senator Hilary Clinton, Senator John Edwards, and Governor Bill Richardson. You have been approached on several occasions by members of our organization for your endorsement of the full funding concept, just to be snubbed. You have been quoted to say that you do not support fully funding veteran’s healthcare, so much for the idea that you will take care of our veterans.

Senator McCain, the simple truth is; I don’t believe you, and I’m certain that many of our veterans don’t believe you either. Pandering to the veteran community at this late date is only going to backfire on you. The veterans aren’t as dumb as you apparently think they are.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jere Beery is the Public Relations Director of Operation Firing For Effect, a veterans group. 

He can be reached by email at  Operation Fire for Effect Web Site is at

More interesting facts:

The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), the country’s largest Iraq veterans’ group gave John McCain a grade of D when it comes to looking out for their issues.

In 2007, the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), after surveying McCain’s votes on healthcare issues for its 1.3 million members, gave him only 20 percent rating. 

On Webb’s GI Bill, he expressed opposition, and he was AWOL when it was time to vote on May 22. He has since tried to claim credit.

Last September, he voted against another Webb bill that would have mandated adequate rest for troops between combat deployments.

On a badly needed $1.5-billion increase for veterans medical services for fiscal year 2007 — to be funded through closing corporate tax loopholes — he voted no. He also voted against establishing a trust fund to bolster under-budgeted veterans hospitals.

In May 2006, he voted against a $20-billion allotment for expanding swamped veterans medical facilities.

On April 26, 2006, McCain voted against an amendment by Sen. Daniel Akaka (D-HI) that would have “provided an additional $430,000,000 for the Department of Veteran Affairs for Medical Services for outpatient care and treatment for veterans.”

March 14, 2006, McCain voted against “increasing Veterans medical services funding by $1.5 billion in FY 2007 to be paid for by closing corporate tax loopholes.” 

On March 10, 2004, McCain also voted against“creating a reserve fund to allow for an increase in Veterans’ medical care by $1.8 billion by eliminating tax loopholes.”

On Troop Funding:

John McCain has recently criticized his opponent claiming that he voted against troop funding. However, as points out:

On March 29, 2007, McCain himself voted against H.R. 1591, an emergency spending bill that would have funded the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and would have provided more than $1 billion in additional funds to the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Senate passed H.R. 1591 by a margin of 51-47. Once the bill’s conference report was agreed to by the House, the Senate again passed the measure on April 26, 2007, by a vote of 51-46. McCain did not vote on that version of the bill. By contrast, Obama voted for it on both occasions. President Bush vetoedthe bill, citing its provision for a timetable for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

From the non-partisan

2006 Senator McCain only supported the interests of the Disabled American Veterans 20 percent of the time.

2006 Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America gave Senator McCain a grade of D.

2006  Senator McCain sponsored or co-sponsored 18 percent of the legislation favored by the The Retired Enlisted Association in 2006.

2005  Senator McCain supported the interests of the Disabled American Veterans 25 percent in 2005.

2004  Senator McCain supported the interests of the Disabled American Veterans 50 percent in 2004.

2004  Senator McCain supported the interests of the The Retired Enlisted Association 0 percent in 2004.

2003-2004  Senator McCain supported the interests of the Vietnam Veterans of America 100 percent in 2003-2004.

2003  Senator McCain supported the interests of the The American Legion 50 percent in 2003.

2001  Senator McCain supported the interests of the Vietnam Veterans of America 46 percent in 2001.

1999  Senator McCain supported the interests of the Disabled American Veterans 66 percent in 1999.

1997-1998  Senator McCain supported the interests of the Vietnam Veterans of America 0 percent in 1997-1998.

1989-1990  On the votes that the Vietnam Veterans of America considered to be the most important in 1989-1990 , Senator McCain voted their preferred position 50 percent of the time.

McCain’s Character Comes Front and Center

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John McCain is known to have a very bad temper.  Todays interview by the Des Moines Register Editorial Board should serve as a warning as the to type of temperament McCain would bring into the oval office:


Ron Paul on Not Endorsing John McCain

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“I can’t endorse somebody that disagrees with me on all the major issues — on the federal reserve system, on spending and taxes, and No Child Left Behind, and McCain-Feingold, and foreign policy especially. I mean I could never support somebody who thinks that its funny to say “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.” That to me is not somebody I could endorse ever.”

I would also like to thank Ron Paul for this classic “John McCain / I really don’t know crap about what’s going on with economy” moment from the republican debates:

Ike’s Gone…So Is McCain’s Character

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I’m back online! Sorry McCain campaign and all of your supporters who end up here as they frantically search blog after blog trying to find justification for supporting such a flawed candidate.  Not even hurricane Ike can keep me from exposing John McCain’s daily lies, out of touch comments, and blatant flip flops.  Hahaha…If I only took myself that seriously.  Anyway, we were able to make it through the storm with hardly any damage at all and power restored after only a few days.

I am glad to see that the media is getting fed up with the McCain campaigns non-stop lies.  I mean I loose power for a couple of days only to find FOX Noise calling McCain out…Wow!

And then there’s what Kevin Drum calls the”Enough” club; Columnists who have always taken a Pro McCain stance finally saying enough is enough.  Steve Benen at The Washington Monthly points out the following:

“Here’s the question voters should be asking themselves this week: Just how stupid does the McCain-Palin campaign think I am? The answer: Dumb enough to hoodwink with charges so contrived and cynical they make your teeth ache…. The McCain campaign has shown it’s ready and willing to say preposterous things to win.”

The Boston Globe’s Scot Lehigh

These are old tricks we’ve been seeing in local elections for years. Distort. Twist. Deceive. Damage. And the winning candidate drags a load of public contempt into office. I had hoped for better from McCain…. John McCain may win the presidency this way, but he will lose the respect he has acquired over the years.”

The Kansas City Star’s Barb Shelly

“The volume and audacity of lies pouring from the McCain campaign is startling and even historic…That’s really something, lying straight out about a FactCheck group, knowing that you’re going to get caught but not giving a damn about it. With stuff like this, the McCain camp has cut any remaining tethers to reality and integrity and is now floating wherever the winds of illusion and whimsy may take them. It’s quite remarkable, and quite insulting to the intelligence of the American people.”

The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Jay Bookman

“You once said you’d rather lose an election than lose a war. Is it worth winning an election if it means forfeiting your soul on the altar of political expediency? How does a man survive five years in a Vietnamese dungeon only to allow himself to be turned into a cynical marionette by the nihilistic disciples of Karl Rove?”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Tony Norman

“Politicians are not saints, and campaigns are not conducted under oath. We all expect a certain amount of deceit from people running for office, in the form of fudging, distortion, exaggeration and omission. But the McCain campaign’s approach, as the “lipstick on a pig” episode illustrates, is of an entirely different scale and character. It is to normal political attacks what Hurricane Ike is to a drive-through carwash.”

Chicago Tribune’s Steve Chapman

 “Karl Marx got one thing right — what he said about history repeating itself. Once is tragedy, a second time is farce. John McCain is both.”

The Washington Post’s Richard Cohen


The Dallas Morning News, “Fact check: McCain on Palin and earmarks”
Bloomberg, “McCain-Palin Crowd-Size Estimates Not Backed by Officials”
Washington Post, “McCain Wraps Distortions Around One Truth”
New York Times“McCain Barbs Stirring Outcry as Distortions”
Seattle Times, “McCain Lambasted for Inaccuracies”
Los Angeles Times, “McCain Wrong on Palin Earmarks”
San Francisco Chronicle“Lies, Half-truths and Contradictions: McCain On The View”

From CNN:

Another Loss: The Latest In John McCain’s Battle With Independent Fact Checkers

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Jed Lewison points out this bit from regarding John McCain’s latest ad: 


“this ad is particularly egregious”

“goes down new paths of deception”

“carefully added language to alter the meaning” 

“no one said anything close to that” 

“takes words out of context”


                   9/12/2008 Annenberg Political Fact Check

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