About This Blog…

Some people have said that Barack Obama has gotten a free pass by the press…that the “media” is all some how secretly supporting Barack Obama.  It seems to me that John McCain has been getting the free pass.  The once “Maverick” has become nothing more than pandering puppet of his campaign advisers.  He has changed his positions in 180 degree flip flop fashion over sixty times since he began to run for president.

I hope to use this blog to consolidate all the different facts and videos of John McCain’s blunders…


5 Responses to “About This Blog…”

  1. GREAT blog!!! Excellent info! Keep up the fabulous work!

  2. I second Paulette’s sentiments. Excellent blog. I’ve put you into my blogroll and will visit often.

  3. Excellent, excellent blog. And, did I say it’s excellent?
    Keep up the good work!

  4. I am impressed by the depth and outrage of your blog.
    we cant afford another cowardly stupid liar in the white house.
    have you seen my article on McCains desperate and sleezy manipulative subliminal tricks in his ads?
    read http://is.gd/1HXQ
    if you like it please digg it
    i have voted up and dugg your cool video about mccain lying about the cross in the sand

  5. Great blog. We need more folks like you getting the facts down. I’m gonna throw you a link on my blog.

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