When it Comes to Military Strategies, John McCain Just Doesn’t Get It

Let’s face it, John McCain’s has staked his entire military strategy around the surge.  The fact is McCain is so consumed by the surge that he is blind to the reality of the situation we are in. He continues to mention general Petraeus while saying that we will be victorious in Iraq even though Gen. Petraeus himself said he did not know if he would ever use the word “victory” when it comes to Iraq:

“This is not the sort of struggle where you take a hill, plant the flag and go home to a victory parade… it’s not war with a simple slogan.”


So consumed by the surge stratagy is John McCain, that he’s now claiming Iraq should be the example of how we approach Afghanistan:

“Senator Obama refuses to acknowledge that we are winning in Iraq . . . That’s what’s happening in Iraq, and it wasn’t a tactic . . . It was a stratagem. And that same strategy will be employed in Afghanistan by this great general.”


“Senator Obama calls for more troops, but what he doesn’t understand, it’s got to be a new strategy, the same strategy that he condemned in Iraq. It’s going to have to be employed in Afghanistan.”

Despite VP pick Sarah Pailin’s willingness to lie to the American people yesterday, the leading general in Afghanistan, Gen. McKiernan (not Mclellan as she claimed) did in fact say:

 “What I don’t think is needed — the word that I don’t use in Afghanistan is the word “surge.” There needs to be a sustained commitment of a variety of military and non-military resources, I believe. That’s my advice to winning in Afghanistan. It won’t be a short-term solution.”

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