Ike’s Gone…So Is McCain’s Character

I’m back online! Sorry McCain campaign and all of your supporters who end up here as they frantically search blog after blog trying to find justification for supporting such a flawed candidate.  Not even hurricane Ike can keep me from exposing John McCain’s daily lies, out of touch comments, and blatant flip flops.  Hahaha…If I only took myself that seriously.  Anyway, we were able to make it through the storm with hardly any damage at all and power restored after only a few days.

I am glad to see that the media is getting fed up with the McCain campaigns non-stop lies.  I mean I loose power for a couple of days only to find FOX Noise calling McCain out…Wow!

And then there’s what Kevin Drum calls the”Enough” club; Columnists who have always taken a Pro McCain stance finally saying enough is enough.  Steve Benen at The Washington Monthly points out the following:

“Here’s the question voters should be asking themselves this week: Just how stupid does the McCain-Palin campaign think I am? The answer: Dumb enough to hoodwink with charges so contrived and cynical they make your teeth ache…. The McCain campaign has shown it’s ready and willing to say preposterous things to win.”

The Boston Globe’s Scot Lehigh

These are old tricks we’ve been seeing in local elections for years. Distort. Twist. Deceive. Damage. And the winning candidate drags a load of public contempt into office. I had hoped for better from McCain…. John McCain may win the presidency this way, but he will lose the respect he has acquired over the years.”

The Kansas City Star’s Barb Shelly

“The volume and audacity of lies pouring from the McCain campaign is startling and even historic…That’s really something, lying straight out about a FactCheck group, knowing that you’re going to get caught but not giving a damn about it. With stuff like this, the McCain camp has cut any remaining tethers to reality and integrity and is now floating wherever the winds of illusion and whimsy may take them. It’s quite remarkable, and quite insulting to the intelligence of the American people.”

The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Jay Bookman

“You once said you’d rather lose an election than lose a war. Is it worth winning an election if it means forfeiting your soul on the altar of political expediency? How does a man survive five years in a Vietnamese dungeon only to allow himself to be turned into a cynical marionette by the nihilistic disciples of Karl Rove?”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Tony Norman

“Politicians are not saints, and campaigns are not conducted under oath. We all expect a certain amount of deceit from people running for office, in the form of fudging, distortion, exaggeration and omission. But the McCain campaign’s approach, as the “lipstick on a pig” episode illustrates, is of an entirely different scale and character. It is to normal political attacks what Hurricane Ike is to a drive-through carwash.”

Chicago Tribune’s Steve Chapman

 “Karl Marx got one thing right — what he said about history repeating itself. Once is tragedy, a second time is farce. John McCain is both.”

The Washington Post’s Richard Cohen


The Dallas Morning News, “Fact check: McCain on Palin and earmarks”
Bloomberg, “McCain-Palin Crowd-Size Estimates Not Backed by Officials”
Washington Post, “McCain Wraps Distortions Around One Truth”
New York Times“McCain Barbs Stirring Outcry as Distortions”
Seattle Times, “McCain Lambasted for Inaccuracies”
Los Angeles Times, “McCain Wrong on Palin Earmarks”
San Francisco Chronicle“Lies, Half-truths and Contradictions: McCain On The View”

From CNN:


2 Responses to “Ike’s Gone…So Is McCain’s Character”

  1. I hope you’re ok. I’ve seen some pictures of the damage Ike caused; it looks horrific. Stay safe!

  2. doubletalkexpress Says:

    Thanks…The eye of the storm passed right over us and somehow we made it through with no major damage. A day and a half with out power was about the worst of it for us. Now the long clean up begins.

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