Another Example of John McCain Flushing His Character Down The Toilet


Of course John McCain was a POW so how dare we question his character right?  This seems to be the argument from the McCain camp against every criticism of him.  Hope you’ll forgive me America.  

It’s ironic that John McCain has chosen to accuse Obama for wanting to be president out of pure political ambition when in his own words he said:

“I didn’t decide to run for President to start a national crusade for the political reforms I believed in or to run a campaign as if it were some grand act of patriotism. In truth, I wanted to be President because it had become my ambition to be President. I was sixty-two years old when I made the decision and I thought it was my one shot at the prize.”

Excerpt from his book: “Worth the Fighting For: A Memoir” (2002) 

Of course Olbermann was the only one in the media I could find who would actually play the audio of McCain saying this:

Oh Yeah and while we are talking about ambition here is another nice little comment by John McCain stating that he wouldn’t let the war in Iraq stand in the way of his “political ambition.”  Maybe it was just another gaff…senior slip…whatever:

Sorry John.  I think you’ve got it backwards.  Actually you shouldn’t let your political ambition interfere with your policies on Iraq.


One Response to “Another Example of John McCain Flushing His Character Down The Toilet”

  1. […] This really isn’t about Sarah Palin though.  As I have said before, her nomination is a clear conformation that John McCain is willing to gamble with our nations security in order to achieve his personal ambitions. […]

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