McSleazy: John McCain Tells Story Of Meeting Cindy While Still Married

I wasn’t going to go there but since CNN decided to include this story in their mini bio of John McCain the other night and the fact that both John and Cindy were providing the details, I thought I would post this:

Notice Mrs. McCain’s cruel little slip a the end saying ” I think I’ve been a good wife and a good mother, and I think that’s what he wanted.”  Was she saying that the wife he left for her wasn’t a good wife or good mother?  Ouch.

Maybe it’s just me but watching their story, I could totally picture John McCain as the creapy older married guy out cruising for younger women while his loving wife and 12 year old daughter eagerly wait his return home.  It’s kind of funny all of the fuss being made about Eliot Spitzer and now John Edwards, yet here we have John McCain openly admitting he cheated on his wife with numerous women and eventually leaving her for someone 17 years younger.  The right wing media is not questioning his character or what type of man he is.  I guess if your a POW you have an excuse to womanize, right?  That seems to be the underlying excuse for giving John McCain a pass on all of his failings.

5 Responses to “McSleazy: John McCain Tells Story Of Meeting Cindy While Still Married”

  1. EVERYONE should watch this video. Mr. and Mrs. McSleazy is right. They were still lying in the video. There was no separation while he was screwing Cindy. And he lied about his age. And then her totally bitchy comment at the end is reflective of how she also has implied Michelle Obama is un-American. The more I see of these two, the more disgusted i am by them. They deserve each other.

    I wondered if in my newest post I was too hard on Cindy. The answer is no.

    Thanks for posting this video.

  2. P.S. and i agree. I’m tired of this POW thing being used by people as some excuse. John was ambitious and lustful. Period dot.

  3. so he starts cheating on her in 1977 and then meets cindy in 1979 that means he was cheating on his wife with multiple women…
    Can someone correct me if Im wrong,

  4. […] Posted by sensico on August 22, 2008 McCain cheated on him limping wife, and doesn’t know why.  One thing that struck me in this documentary was that I thought McCain cheated on his wife once.  Apparently in the documentary they say McCain started cheating on his wife in 1977 and then he met Cindy in 1979, so that means McCain cheated with muliple women in a matter of a few years.  This guy is a mess.  How can we even tolerate someone with little family values to be in the White House.  Heres the video courtesy of Double Talk Express, […]

  5. Love the site, hope you dont mind that we’ll likely be sourcing to you and some of your commentary over the next few months for our new website!

    Thanks for bringing the truth to America and Americans!

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