McCain Camp Caught Lying Again

The McCain camp first put out a story that Mother Theresa convinced Cindy McCain to adopt their daughter from a Bangladeshi orphanage. Most recently the story was told on Good Morning America and in The Wall Street Journal.  After noticing inconsistancies in the timing of McCain’s visit and and Mother Theresa’s schedule, the Christian Science Monitor called the McCain camp out.  Needless to say John McCain’s folks have since reworded this story on his website.

Here’s a screen shot of the original:

And here is a screen shot of the revised version:

You can see the full page comparisons here.

One Response to “McCain Camp Caught Lying Again”

  1. Cindy certainly seems to have had some honesty problems. I don’t doubt that she does some good work, but the need to embellish is what the issue is. It’s completely honorable to adopt a Bangladeshi child. Why embellish and say Mother Teresa convinced her to do it?

    BTW, I worked for Aspire Public Schools (one of the links on her page) for a year, a few years ago (doing back office work — HR/Benefits/Payroll). They’re really doing some good work with disadvantaged kids and I’m glad Cindy McCain is giving them some exposure.

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