John McCain Admits Being Influenced by Lobbyist (Updated)

Then there was this story on CNN

Want to know where John McCain stands on issues that affect you? Meet the 134 lobbyist that are either senior campaign advisers, aids, or fund raisers.



This study just came out today

Washington, D.C. – Campaign Money Watch, a nonpartisan campaign finance watchdog group, announced today the result of a new analysis of the fees Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) lobbyist bundlers, advisors and staff members have collected from domestic clients over the past decade.


The total? A staggering $930,949,819.


“The McCain campaign relies on big money lobbyists, and they’ll rely on him,” said David Donnelly, director of Campaign Money Watch. “In the ‘you-scratch-my-back, I’ll-scratch-yours’ world of Washington, $931 million gets the special interests the best government money can buy. But just think of the payday these lobbyists might expect in a McCain Administration.”


Campaign Money Watch’s analysis of data provided by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics ( also found that employees and Political Action Committees of these lobbyists’ clients have donated $11,750,051 to McCain’s campaigns, a fact that raises its own set of problems, Donnelly said.


“How can John McCain say he’ll reduce the influence of special interests in Washington, when he’s so fully dependent on lobbyists and their clients to finance his campaign?” Donnelly asked. “All candidates need to raise money, but is this exemplary of a candidate who claims he’ll tackle the special interests?”


To highlight the connections between John McCain and his lobbyists, Campaign Money Watch launched a new Web site last Tuesday The site shows focuses on 40 of the most prolific – some would argue profligate – lobbyists around McCain. It shows how much money their clients have given to McCain, as well as how much money those lobbyists have earned off those clients.


Campaign Money Watch is a project of the nonpartisan Public Campaign Action Fund. The organization works to hold politicians who are against comprehensive campaign finance reform accountable for where they get their political donations.



6 Responses to “John McCain Admits Being Influenced by Lobbyist (Updated)”

  1. goodtimepolitics Says:

    Both partys and candidates are Influenced by Lobbyist, thats just politics as always!

  2. doubletalkexpress Says:

    Yes only one candidate however has surrounded himself with lobbyist, and has those lobbyist writing his policy i.e. Phil Grahm. Show me half of a complete list of Obama’s advisers with lobbyist connections and proof they have influenced his campaign. Oh I forgot, your blog doesn’t care much for proof. Speaking of your blog, this is a nice article about it:

  3. Thanks for sharing that!

  4. Hey, don’t you like his commercial about Obama which says “while the rest of us are hurting?” Does McCain expect anyone to buy that he is financially strapped???

    I seriously question his mental stability. He can’t remember time lines or events and has a huge anger management issue.

  5. nearlynormalized Says:

    Obama has not sold out his country. McCain has, is and will do. Please, from the get go. He was part of the Lincoln Savings scam in the mid 80”s all the players of that game are dead; except McCain and Bushs’ younger brother. The man is a tired old POW that needs to be put to rest, with his gun at ready to end it once and for all.

  6. Johnny McTeleprompter can’t even walk 4 feet without bumping into a lobbyist. Scary.

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