McCain Camp Caught In Lie About Offshore Drilling

John McCain and many of his surrogates have quoted saying that off shore drilling is safe and that not even hurricanes Katrina or Rita could cause significant damage.

The fact is as reported by the Houston Chronicle the amount of damage caused by Katrina was near the scale of the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster. The spillage was so large it could be seen from space.


McCain policy adviser Nancy Pfotenhauer was forced to reverse the campaigns previous statement that neither hurricane caused a single drip of spillage.

It seems however the McCain camp is intent on misstating the facts on the impact of the oil spill. Think points out that:

“Pfotenhauer, a right-wing energy lobbyist, is misinformed still. According to a report from the County of Santa Barbara, CA, “the effects of seeps and spills differ hugely.” As one planner put it, “if seeps and spills are the same, why aren’t all the beaches covered with mounds of fresh tar and dead birds?”:

The key difference has to do with release rates and spatial concentration of the oil. Seeps release large amounts of oil over large areas of the ocean gradually throughout the year. Spills release large amounts of oil from a point source in a short time.”


3 Responses to “McCain Camp Caught In Lie About Offshore Drilling”

  1. Nice post! I love it! have a nice day!

  2. What a joke. Is McCain just stupid? Is he such a panderer he will say anything to get elected? The only reason he ever reverses himself is because he gets called to the carpet on his fairy tales.

  3. doubletalkexpress Says:

    Yeah…I think it’s just taking a very long time for him to realize the new era we are in where everything he says will be captured on the internet, put on youtube, factchecked by thousands, and thrown back in his face on blogs like ours. He is clearly stuck in the past.

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