Does Phil Gramm Speak For John McCain?

I do not think that either candidate should be held responsible for what others choose to say. Phil Grahm said that we are “a nation of whiners” when it comes to the economy and that this is a “mental recession.” The problem is John McCain has echoed Phil Grahm’s philosophy on several occasions as the last half of this video shows.

So my question is when does this stop becoming a “mental or psychological” recession? When gas is $6 dollars a gallon? When the government has to take over both Fannie May and Freddie Mac after already bailing out Bear Sterns?


3 Responses to “Does Phil Gramm Speak For John McCain?”

  1. I will not be holding my breath while waiting for the Republican party to start being honest. McCain and Gramm both have the same “let them eat cake” economic ideology when it comes to the people. However, when it comes to corporations it is ” tax breaks, incentives, and bail outs”. What we are dealing with here is a party of corporatist and fascist, that will say and do anything to disguise their true intentions and long term plans for this country. Up is down and wrong is right in their relentless campaign to remake reality with a mishmash of fallacies and lies.

  2. sethkahn Says:

    When George Orwell described the Memory Hole in the novel 1984, he couldn’t have forseen even this.

    Saw in this morning’s NYTimes the reminder of Phil Gramm saying, sometime in the early 1990s, that the US is the only country where “even the poor people are fat.”

    McCain most certainly is answerable for his advisers. He chooses them; he uses them; he has to pay the price for their statements.

  3. […] McCain supporters can either say, “No, it is nottoo old” or they can allow that he is old, but that McCain will be surrounded by sensible people. […]

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